March 19, 2018

Action Cluster Presentations

2018 Tech Jam – Call for Action Cluster Presentations

Presentations at the 2018 GCTC-SC3 Tech Jam in Portland, Oregon (June 20-22) will be invited from the pool of approved 2018 action clusters. To be considered, a team should join the pool of 2018 action clusters by submitting a 2018 worksheet.

  • Previously approved action clusters in 2017 or before do not need to submit a new worksheet, but need to send answers for the new questions regarding cybersecurity and privacy in the 2018 worksheet template. For the list of pre-approved action clusters, see 2017 action cluster list and 2016 action cluster list.
  • A new action cluster must submit a full worksheet.
  • Approved action clusters will be added to the 2018 action clusters list. Action Cluster presentations will be selected from the list.

Important Dates for Tech Jam:

  • Submission due date: April 24, 2018 (This due date is for the presentations at the Tech Jam, but we will continue accepting worksheets all year.)
  • Presentations invitation will begin on May 15, 2018

Domains of Interest (Cybersecurity/privacy is included in every domain as a primary concern.)

  • Transportation
  • Public safety
  • Utilities (energy/water/waste management)
  • Wireless
  • Data (platform, governance, exchange)
  • Agriculture and rural area, and
  • Other domains of smart communities/cities/IoT

How to Submit a Worksheet

To create an action cluster, each team must complete and submit a project worksheet. The 2018 worksheet template can be downloaded here and a fictitious example can be downloaded here. The submitted worksheet will be reviewed and accepted once verified to meet all the requirements. Complete and email the worksheet to GCTC-SC3 organizers will then review the worksheet and send feedback to the team lead.

The requirements to form an action cluster are as follows:

  1. Each team (i.e. action cluster) needs to be composed of at least 2 entities, at least one of which being a municipal government participant that will deploy the smart city solution. (i.e. At least one city official should be listed as a team member in the worksheet and participate in the team.) In most cases, an action cluster is composed of more than 2 entities, including multiple technology providers and sometimes multiple cities and communities.
  2. Once the team is approved and officially listed as an action cluster, a short description of the team from the worksheet will be published on the GCTC web site. The contact information of the team lead may be made public, but the contact information of the municipal partner will not be made public.
  3. At the GCTC-SC3 Expo scheduled for the winter 2018/spring 2019, it is highly encouraged that one or more municipal government partners participate in the team presentation and exhibit. Each team should demonstrate feasibility of their project at the Expo by exhibiting prototypes, pilots, and/or preliminary results. The priorities of speaking opportunities will be given to the action clusters joined by one or more municipal partners. Additional priorities will be given to the teams with booth presence. Note that the action clusters with no municipal participation at the Expo may not receive a speaking opportunity depending on the level of demand.
  4. In the 2018 GCTC-SC3 program, action clusters that demonstrate smart city solutions developed and deployed with serious consideration of cybersecurity and privacy in mind will be especially highlighted. For example, a traffic congestion management solution with the “security-by-design” and with serious consideration of data privacy can be highly appreciated. At minimum, each team must describe in the worksheet how their solutions are addressing cybersecurity and privacy issues.
  5. Optional: Teams are encouraged to have multiple municipal partners and technology providers in an action cluster.

GCTC-SC3 Expo Planning (This guidance applies only to the Expo, not to the Tech Jam)

GCTC-SC3 Expo is the largest smart city and Internet of Things (IoT) annual event hosted by the U.S. federal government. 2018 Expo is planned for the winter 2018/spring 2019 (location TBD.) Anyone can attend the event, but the opportunity to exhibit and speak at the GCTC-SC3 Expo is offered to the approved action clusters and SuperClusters. Here are a few important points on the participation of action clusters in 2018 GCTC-SC3 Expo.

  1. Each action cluster is offered an exhibit space free of charge (likely 8×8, exact size TBD). Note that the space is provided free of charge, but you will need to cover the cost to build your booth. Details will be provided to the team lead as the event approaches.
  2. Each action cluster is eligible for a speaking slot. If there is excessive demand, priorities will be given to the action clusters that are joined by city official(s) as part of the presentation and have an exhibit booth with live demonstrations.
  3. The event has no registration fee and open to all registered attendees. Participating action clusters should encourage as many of their contacts to attend the Expo as possible.
  4. Limited travel support may be made available to city officials speaking as a member of action cluster or SuperCluster up to a ceiling (exact amount TBD) and will be offered to one city official per action cluster. The total number of supported travelers may be limited depending on the budget.

SuperCluster Participation

Continuing the momentum from the 2017 GCTC, the 2018 GCTC-SC3 will keep highlighting official SuperClusters as well as action clusters. For those who are not familiar with SuperClusters, they are alliances of relevant action clusters and additional stakeholders in the domain. More details of SuperClusters can be found here. If you feel that your action cluster is closely aligned with a SuperCluster, please reach out to the SuperCluster chairs to join it. (The contact info of the chairs can be found here.)